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For whom?

If your brand is on Amazon and you want to take care of it

If you export but are not present in the online channel

If you want to enter new markets with the brand

Areas of cooperation

We coordinate the relationship between the Producer and Sellers on Amazon

Analytics, data and reports

analytics, data and reports
trends in the category on Amazon
competition data (prices, sales, logistics)
product portfolio recommendations
GAP analysis – business gaps
developing a product strategy
preparation of profitability model


Care of the brand image

product content – infographics
Amazon Brand Registry management
Amazon Store setup
marketing campaigns

Coordination and sales promotion

building relationships with sellers and distributors
product offer organization
coordination of the promotion

The majority of customers prefer shopping on Amazon

•Customers are increasingly bypassing producers and distributors e-stores
• Amazon is growing at a rate of 40% per year. Over 30% of European e-commerce is already passing through it
• In 2021, it is to be the largest retailer in Europe
• It is not only a sales platform, but an ecosystem that the brand should use for its development, product presentation and communication management

Amazon is a chance for Polish brands for export success

• Polish brands are present on Amazon, but don’t use this presence. They do not actively use the mechanisms provided by the platform and do not control their offer or sellers
• The European market is a good-looking cake, and for consumer brands, Amazon is the way to bite it. The size of the portion that it receives will depend on how the company will go about this task
• Companies that want to reach customers in Europe should therefore have a sales strategy in this channel. Amazon is also very important for success in offline channels

Thanks to Amazon, the brands reach a wide audience

• Amazon authenticates producers, helps streamline their communication with customers and reaching consumers
• Thanks to e-commerce channels, new brands take market share from large retailers and sell products in a way that better responds to customer needs
• They give a fresh look at the product, present themselves as something new and worth trying
• Thanks to digital channels, they have a chance to respond faster to customer needs, are flexible and boldly occupy small product niches

Management Team

Over 10 years of experience in cooperation with distributors and producers in the field of trade and marketing. Category management and negotiations. Implementation of trade marketing and e-commerce projects. Developing strategies and plans and supervising their implementation.
Over 14 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing as well as the area of modern electronic commerce tools. Related to the electronics, food and chemical and fashion industries. In recent years, the director of e-commerce at Frisco.pl, and then at Showroom.pl.

86% – almost nine out of ten British are users and buyers on Amazon

75% – of millennials make at least 50% online purchases on Amazon, and only 3% do not use it at all

53% of the 100 million Amazon Prime participants have bought Beauty products over the past year

79% of users check product reviews on Amazon

33% – it’s Amazon’s share in British e-commerce. The value of the entire UK e-commerce market is estimated at €178 billion

Take care of positioning and meet the competition

• Think strategically and in the long term. Building a brand presence on Amazon is a process. You should carefully plan what to sell and how to show products
• Data analysis is key. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the competition, analysis of demand and trends prevailing in the category. You need to think about packaging, weight, price positioning
• It is important to recognize what customers are looking for and how we can respond to their needs with our products

Find out who sells your products

• Amazon is an open market and imposes no restrictions on price competition. Any seller who has obtained a product from a legitimate source can sell it on Amazon. This encourages sellers to aggressive price competition
• In this situation, it is necessary for the brand to implement control over sellers on Amazon and to cooperate in the area of ​​promotional and pricing policy. A brand must know who sells its products. Only cooperation with sellers will cause that the brand image will be consistent in the area of ​​price positioning

Control the image of your brand on Amazon.

• Amazon is not only a place where transactions are made, it is also a product catalog, very well indexed on Google, which provides customers with product information, is a place where the customer seeks inspiration and makes shopping decisions
• Every brand that wants to control its image needs a coherent channel in this channel with other content strategy channels that will ensure that product information posted on Amazon is current, correct and complete. The content is understood here as a product description, presentation of its features, advantages, features, photos and infographics




• A customer looking for an online product, whether on Google or Amazon, must always have access to its current version, in line with the brand’s communication strategy
• It is extremely important because the content of the description, selection of photos, keywords used and communication method depends on whether the brand will be able to stand out and reach customers
• And all this should be based on data, tests, ongoing analyzes


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